• Do you accept doctors paperwork?

We do not accept paperwork from a doctor. The paperwork is a prescription stating you may use medical cannabis. You must then take the next step and be accepted by the state. After the correct paperwork has been completed and mailed to the state, you will receive an acceptance or a denial letter. If you’ve been accepted your card will be in the mailed to you and then you can stop in and visit us!

  • Do you test all of your products?

Absolutely! We guarantee everything to be free of molds or mildews. We pride ourselves on setting the standard for safe practices in Michigan. Ask anyone of our staff to see the lab reports for whatever product may interest you.

  • What kind of products do you offer?

At The Refinery, we sell cannabis flower, THC & CBD extracts, CBD oils and pills, edibles and much more. If you are looking for something specific, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

  • ​I'm a new patient. Will there be someone to help me get started?

Most definitely. All of our staff are trained to help thoroughly educate our clients with what we offer and help you leave with a better understanding of how our products work and what they cane do for you.

  • Can I come into The Refinery more than once a day?

Yes, however according to Michigan law, patients are not allowed to exceed a daily limit of 2.5 oz per day in accumulated products. Patients also cannot exceed 10 oz per month in accumulated product.

  • Can I bring my children in with me?

You can bring children into the lobby, however, they are not legally allowed into the showroom where the product is sold. In the case where you may have a child with you, we recommend pre-ordering to get you in and ut the door quickly. 

  • Can I bring friends and family in with me?

Non-card holders are not allowed past the lobby and will be asked to write their name down on a sheet. The discussion of medicine between a card-holder and a non card holder may result in an in store ban and the distribution of medicine to any non card holder will also results in a permanent in-store ban.

  • May I use medication while at The Refinery?

NO! There is no medicating on the property. When you exit the building we ask that you put your medicine in the trunk immediately. In addition, there is no loitering or cigarette smoking allowed on the property. We thank you for treating The Refinery and it’s neighbors with upmost respect.

  • How do I become a caregiver for The Refinery?

Come in during business hours or send us a message on our home page. We are always looking for qualified and professional caregivers!